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Strategy Consultants to Maximize Your Business Potential

Many business leaders may have a fair idea of how a strategic facilitator can provide the much-needed impetus to make your mark. However they may not have observed concrete proof of its results, and hence naturally there is a tendency to work out the strategy formulation related initiatives and exercises without any expert support.


Here are 8 good reasons why you should opt for a strategic facilitator to reinforce your business.

Participation from everyone would be more fruitful

As a CEO/Business Leader driving a strategic planning consulting services initiative, you may find it a little difficult to draw in the voices of dissent during strategy formation. It is essential to address these voices since they bring in some convincing information about the potential pitfalls in strategy. When we address the opposing views well in time, we are in a better position to make our strategy more robust. Having an external strategic facilitator to drive your planning process not only enables you to bring forth all issues impacting strategy out in light, discuss, debate and address those, but also establish complete buy-in and involvement from your team.

 A specialized process awaits you

CerveauSys Strategy Formulation Process Model is enriched with sound concepts of management science, best practices and invaluable insights obtained from implementing strategic initiatives in diverse organizations. By integrating all aspects of business strategy essentials, ensuring buy-ins and agreements we enable your team to be on the common ground of understanding so that they are empowered to take the most appropriate decisions as they start executing the strategy.

Right enquiry to reach the core of issues

It is always said, that it’s essential to ask right questions, at right time to obtain right information. Our various interventions, interviews and interactions provide an opportunity to obtain invaluable information and insights that can help identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks /threats involved in your every strategic move. We try to pull out and through every issue hidden under the carpet so that it can be tackled, sorted out thereby enabling the organization to avoid risks lurking in future.

An objective view makes us less inhibited

We create an ambience where discussion on “not-so-comfortable issues” can take place and we help find the solution all such issues or at least a strategy to live with those by reducing their impact on your future. With our objective and dispassionate perspective towards your business, we as strategy facilitator do not shy away from addressing uncomfortable issues and help teams to resolve those by providing expertise, encouragement and process facilitation.

Like any other facilitator, we help set the tone

Engaging us as a strategy facilitator your organization is indeed making an important investment in your organization’s bright future. By building on your strengths, exploring and focusing on potential opportunities of growth, reducing the impact of your weaknesses and protecting your business from future risks we ensure that every rupee spent on your strategic planning initiatives returns with multifold of profits and sustained growth.

We steer the conversation towards desired results

One of the tasks of the facilitator is to ensure that people talk about relevant issues. However, when people stray from the discussion or waste valuable time, the facilitator can intervene to put the focus of discussion back to where it belongs. This especially is a highly sensitive and difficult issue to handle when political undercurrents in organization and power play amongst managers start distorting the picture. Our facilitators experienced in facilitating this sensitive process ensure that the negative forces do not hijack the strategy formulation process.

We’re true professionals when dealing with people

One of the important roles we perform is to make sure that all the employees participate in the strategic planning process. We keep a note on who is saying what, who has not shared views, who seems to be sitting on fence, who seems withdrawn etc. While we know that everyone doesn’t contribute equally, their insights are often valuable if they are called to participate, given the opportunity to express themselves. We keep an eye on ensuring that strategies are formulated with a democratic and participative process.

Get more done with someone from the outside 

As facilitators for strategic planning, we make sure that your team realizes the following:

  • What is needed by them to bring that change?
  • Why that change has to happen now?
  • How does every person add to the growth of the company?
  • What needs to be done NOW ensure great results in FUTURE?

A Robust and Scientific Strategic Planning Process is essential to counter the competition and boost ROI. However, it needs to be facilitated by an expert consultant to give you desired results. Needless to say, investing in the services of a professional strategic planning consultant or top strategic planning consulting firms will take your organization faster towards the next orbit of growth.

If you are looking out to engage one, please feel free to call us +91-7709992257 or email us at to the best Strategy Consultants and OD Consultants in Pune/Mumbai to act as a Strategic Planning facilitator for fast-paced growth.

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