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Role and Importance of Coherent Performance Management System

If you are a manager you profoundly understand the importance of a high performing team. When a team accomplishes the project goals you earn accolades and when your employees fail to meet the set target, you are disparaged.

Today most business firms are striving to develop a more strategic talent management system that can yield best business returns. Performance management is one of the solutions that is being viewed as a potential program for achieving organizational objectives.


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What is Performance Management System?

It is an innovative approach designed to improve the overall organizational outcome by measuring employees’ performance and aligning the organizational goals with their talent, competency requirement, and development plan. A well-defined performance management system is structured on constructive communications and consistent feedbacks that builds and retains organizational talent.

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How Performance Management System Works?

It is an effective HRM tool that employs effective communication techniques to achieve positive employee engagement. It’s a highly recommended system that sets the ground to achieve excellence in the business cycles by:

  • Aligning individual employee’s objectives with the organization’s mission and strategic plans.
  • Establishing clear performance objectives for employees.
  • Identifying strengths and areas needing skill development.
  • Linking performance with incentives, promotions and rewards and career development.
  • Promoting open communication between the supervisors and the team players for strong work relationships.

Benefits of Performance Management System

Forming an important part of the human resource planning process, Performance Management System when implemented properly can benefit organization, managers, and employees. No wonder all reputed firms are now opting for this result-driven system. Some big corporations like Amazon, Deloitte, and Google have replaced their annual review approach with the performance management system to achieve optimal results.

Benefits to the Organization :

  • Improves organizational performance
  • Enhances productivity
  • Fosters employee retention and loyalty
  • Creates clear accountabilities
  • Ensures cost saving

Benefits to the Manager

  • Saves time
  • Reduces conflicts and misunderstandings
  • Improves efficiency and consistency in performance

Benefits to the Employees

  • Clarifies expectations of the employees
  • Self-assessment opportunities make job accountabilities clear
  • Ensures better understanding of project goals
  • Improves performance
  • Promotes job satisfaction

In a nutshell, performance management serves as a crucial tool for realizing organizational goals by successfully implementing competitive and effective HRM strategies. It facilitates the integration of the business objectives with the KPI’s(key performance indicators) in a firm across all organizational levels and job categories thus, channelizing all the productive actions towards one single goal.

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