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How to Develop Problem Solving Competency of your Organization?

Do you know what lies at the core of Apple’s iconic inventions? The big problem statements and the rallying of troops to think innovatively! Steve Jobs would always face problems before an invention, be it Apple Mac book, the revolutionary iPhone or iCloud. Whenever there was a problem – there was an intelligent question in place of that problem – Can’t I have all my music with me in a slim device with an attractive interface? Thus, iTunes was born.

During my several interactions with the CEOs/ M.D.’s and Founders of organizations, I have observed that it’s a common concern as to how to develop the decision-making and problem-solving capabilities of teams across the organization so that decisions be taken more quickly and effectively.


Organizational Agility and sustainance (An ability of organization to quickly transform itself in response to the change in business scenarios and sustain over a long period) is directly proportionate to the problem-solving abilities of its managers and teams working across various levels. If you as a business leader predict that your organization may need help on this aspect, Cerveausys Strategic will be glad to be your trusted partner to improve your human resource planning process. Here are a few ways to improve upon the problem-solving capabilities of your organization.

  1. Focus on Core Issues – As a business leader it’s always critical to be very clear about what exactly is your problem statement, understand it to its core and then go for both a logical, emotional as well as intuitive reasoning that can create impact on the minds of your managers. Managers must learn to see beyond the problem and link their professional passions and aspirations to solving the problem. There is always a latent opportunity in the problems and in many ways rewarding to both organization and its people once passion to solve problem marries futuristic opportunity.
  1. Initiate an open dialogue as a first step towards problem solving and change management – As a business leader, if you have overlooked some of the key competency issues (aspects such as skills, knowledge, attitudes, behaviors) of your team, it is time that you play the change management card. But before playing this card, you must have an open dialogue with your teammates and sensitize them with your observations. Often a change in the management initiatives brings better results if the teams are sensitized on the need for change.
  1. Breakdown the silos – Silos are self-promoting performer groups. Such groups are often formed in organizations at various levels. As a business leader, you need to take decisive steps to break down these silos to start a cross-functional interaction, thus giving way to inter-communication. Remember, communication is key to any resolution. When silos breakdown, people are able to see the big picture and work towards the solution with a holistic approach. Most organizational problems require an understanding and appreciation towards cross-functional interdependence and this can only be enhanced once the silos are broken.
  1. Apply the P’s Steps of Problem Solving– Problem-solving technique involves implementing the following 5 P’s of problem solving with a logical sequence.
  • Purpose – What is the problem and why it needs to be solved?
  • Predicting, Producing & Picking up Right Solutions- Initiating solution generation brainstorming sessions to predict, generate and pick the best option/solution. Discover all possible solutions to organization problems and choose the one that seems the best and work towards it. Don’t quit until the problem is solved.
  • Process Planning – What is the right process to implement solution? What resources would be needed? What will be the timelines?
  • Prioritizing the implementation – Encouraging team to keep the implementation of solution on the top of their agenda and execute rigorously.
  • Pat on back – Do not forget pat on back not only on completion of implementation but also at each step along the way and use this as an opportunity to receive feedback on how the solution seems to be working/ or what may be the course corrections required.

Problem solving capability can be developed in your organization with a systematic and rigorous implementation of various Organization Development Initiatives such as-

  • Challenging the status quo,
  • Discovering and emphasizing need for solutions,
  • Creating a passionate and proactive acceptance towards change,
  • Implementing initiatives such as Psychometric Assessments, 360 Degree Feedback, to make people aware about their own innate and learned responses to problem solving as an essential competency.
  • Provide managers systematic learning and development opportunities to learn tools and techniques that foster creativity, problem solving and decision making.
  • Throwing challenges where managers can practice problem solving on live projects.

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