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5 Tips For Nurturing Leadership Talent: Leadership Competency Assessment

As business leaders, you tend to expect a lot from your leadership team. When you don’t get what you expect, then you begin to wonder about the effectiveness of the leadership team. The requirements for great leadership are changing as the workplace continues to transition from knowledge to a wisdom-based environment. Leaders must have greater emotional intelligence so they can connect more intuitively with their employees. They must become better listeners, opportunity enablers and exceptional coaches.

“Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.”

Cultivating leadership and nurturing talent demonstrates to your employees that they are valued. There are five quick-fire tips for successfully nurturing leadership talent:

Leadership Competency Assessment

1. Move them out of their current role

Leaders thrive on dealing with unfamiliar situations, and, if someone within the organisation is displaying all the hallmarks of great leadership, you should start by removing them from their current role. Find a new challenge; pick an area of business that needs to be turned around or remodelled and task them with that job. With the right support and empowerment, they’ll soon prove their worth. You can connect to the best HR OD Consulting Firm in Pune for support. 

2. Offer honest feedback

It isn’t easy at the top. For a future leader to fully realise their potential, they need to be able to take constructive criticism. They need brutally honest feedback. Delivering such news can be as tough as receiving it, but it’s a vital tactic in building confidence and pushing every potential leader to their limit.

3. Open new lines of communication

Thanks to social media, in-app communicating and instant messaging, it’s never been easier to keep in touch. In this connected world, future leaders need access to every line of communication in order to develop strong bonds with their team members and stay informed of vital company information.

4. Make sure they’re a good fit, culturally

Leaders that have been recruited from other companies often struggle to adapt to the culture of the business. Conversely, when nurturing future leaders in-house, you’ll find they sit within one of two camps. They’ll either be fully ensconced within the culture of the organisation or actively fighting against it. If it’s the former – great. The latter? You need to find out why they’re going against the grain. Can they foresee a better culture, or do they need to be brought in-line? The best Strategy and Management Consulting firm in Pune can be of great help!

5.Don’t skimp on their development

Nurturing leaders from within isn’t a zero cost undertaking; you need to invest in their future development if they’re to have chance of succeeding. That means regular, relevant training and mentoring from thought leaders within your industry. Don’t skimp on this element – you’ll never realise their potential if you cut corners.

Don’t let the future leaders within your business slip through the net. Find them, nurture them and watch as they go on to lead the team of which they were once an invaluable member.

Psychometric tests can also provide great insights. These include personality profiles, reasoning tests, motivation questionnaires, and ability assessments. A good psychometric test provides fair and accurate results each time it’s given. Assessment through psychometric test plays a pivotal role and helps in:

  • Providing insightful data on the matters hidden in underwater portion of iceberg.
  • Comprehensive understanding of person 
  • A good predictor of future performance
  • Ensure better ROI on people processes
  • Bring objectivity to the process
  • Support or validation for observations and data gathered through other sources.
  • Help you take a conscious call on people matters.

CerveauSys, the best Performance Management Consulting Firm in Pune,  develops leadership competencies that are aligned with your organization’s vision, mission and goals. We guide leaders and potential leaders to recognise how to work through the leadership pipeline and it shows organisations how leadership can be developed at every level. These competencies then become the foundation of leadership development for your organization.

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