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Are You a Diminisher or a Multiplier? Tips on Performance Management

Every manager, at one point of time or the other has encountered the issue of employee motivation. While it is a widely accepted fact that employees who are motivated at workplace perform better than others, the real question is, how can one motivate their team to give its best? The answer to this question largely depends upon your personal style of leadership.


There are basically two types of leaders – diminishers and multipliers. Diminishers are those who believe in flaunting their own intelligence and undermining that of their employees. Such leaders often constrict the creativity, intelligence and smartness of their employees. Needless to say, such employees struggle to achieve their targets and often fall behind their well motivated counterparts. Multipliers is that category of leaders who believe in the capability of their employees and look out for options to harness the best in each of them. They do not brag about their own intelligence, instead identify and nurture the potential of their employees. Such people are easier to work for and often bring out the best in their team. 

While there are no guidelines regarding the best business strategy to motivate and bringing out the best in your team, some behaviours that Multipliers consistently reflect can definitely help you. Here’s what most performance management consultants suggest.

Provide Guidance and Step back

Brief your employees regarding what needs to be done and leave the ‘how’ part to them. You will be amazed at the solutions and suggestions you will receive. If you want them to perform well “Get Away”. Don’t block their road. 

Encourage Brainstorming

Value the opinion of every employee even though it may be insignificant. Your employees should not feel disrespected and thus, refrain from neglecting their inputs. Encourage healthy discussions, brainstorming etc. Asking for opinions and views is one of the best ways to show that you care. A management consultant can guide you on the ways to encourage brainstorming amongst your employees. 

Give Due Credit

Do not shy away from praising an employee who has gone that extra mile for achieving results. Give due credit to the team for their performance. Similarly, do not shrug responsibility when it comes to facing a failure. Miracles are created by leaders who don’t bother who gets the credit.

Reward and Celebrate

Monetary rewards may not be a good idea always. Instead, look for funding a special skill or education for an employee who deserves it. Also, take some time to celebrate team achievements or milestones. CerveauSys, the best Performance Management Consulting Firm in Pune, believes that spending quality time in discussing aspirations and dreams of  your teammates is also a reward.


Be the leader your employees would like to follow. Always practice what you preach and set an ideal example for your team.  Your team is smart enough to notice the gap between words and deeds hence never underestimate their intelligence. Feel free to consult Performance Management Consultants in Pune.

Remember that when you say that your teammates are dumb you are creating a vicious negative circle which will eventually prove that you are not a good leader ! With your each derogatory comment on someone’s capabilities you are getting more responsible to help them improve on those.

After all we never said that leadership is easy!!!!

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