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Strategies to Resolve Workplace Conflicts using Human Resource Management System

Conflicts at the workplace are almost inevitable and unavoidable. What is important here is to take corrective actions at the right time and in the right manner to ensure the tension doesn’t escalate and hamper the productivity at any level.

Communication is one of the best ways that can help you navigate and resolve such issues. Positive communication has the potential to cease differences and disagreements from blowing out of proportion. This is the very reason why constructive communication forms an important part of an Organization including the human resource planning process.


CerveauSys Strategic is one of the reputed business consultancies that has always emphasized resolving issues with powerful communication. Managers and consultants who are empathic and good communicators handle workplace-related problems with a lot more efficiency.

Specializing in different aspects of the human resource management system, here we highlight some strategies that can help resolve discord at your workplace amicably.

1) Invite for Conversation

Invite the concerned colleague for a conversation. Make sure you use the right tonality while crafting your message. To begin with, be empathetic. Your language should conjure up a sense of reassurance and respect.

As experts of strategic human resource management, we offer you some tips to make your message effective:

  • The starting phrases should reflect respect for your colleague’s opinion and experience. You can begin by saying something like, “I would like to seek your guidance.” or “might it be possible for us to…”
  • Try to humanize your message. Since mailing is an impersonal and cold mode of communication, make sure you add an element of personal touch like adding a quote on team spirit or even sharing a team’s pic.
  • Once you have the draft message ready, carefully review it before sending it.  You may even have a mentor to review it.

2) Pick the Right Location

The place where you plan to conduct the meeting has to be a comfortable and convenient one.  Barriers to effective and productive communication are often unseen and location can be one such invisible obstacle that must not be overlooked.

The office is a formal space that represents duties, responsibilities, and authority. Such a place cannot be considered ideal for resolving conflicts. So, it is better to avoid meeting at your office.

Consider meeting in a more informal and relaxed atmosphere where both of you can open up frankly. You may suggest for a coffee at a cafeteria or even take a walk at recreation ground. When you meet in an open and impartial space you both are likely to have a better sense of comfort, privacy, and freedom.

3) Maintain Strategic Approach during your Conversation

Now it’s time to start the conversation. Remember empathy is the key to winning the battle. You are most likely to have a productive conversation if you consider your colleague’s interests and needs and look for potential points of alignment. With right mindset and communication tonality, you will be able to identify the possible joints and divergent interests and find scope for a solution.

Known for providing the best consultancy in Pune, we suggest starting the conversation by finding a common ground or area of interest that can connect you both. You can share alma mater, home state or even favorite sport. This is one of the best ways to build respect and garner trust.

You can later seek asymmetries as well. Misaligned interest can also be beneficial. You both can work together and combine each other’s merits and strengths for mutual benefit.

As you move on with the conversation, give a patient hearing to the other’s viewpoints. Wait for your turn and during this analyze ways to share your perspective for bridging the gap.

Resolving management conflicts is a process and not an event; hence it will not be an easy road. But with the right approach and positive outlook you can nail it. Even the organizational change management consulting firms work on similar lines to meet their goals. It might take time but with these strategies, you can transcend the immediate tension and take the relationship towards a more productive phase which will be advantageous for both.

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