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Importance of Strategic Human Resources Management in Hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is one of the sectors that are very diverse and hence, relies on multitudes of talents and skillsets. Ranging from hotels & restaurants to clubs & tourism-related jobs, this sector requires meticulous human resource planning and management. The companies need a highly effective and strategic human resource management department that can synergize the activities of the business to attain the organization’s bottom line.

The hospitality industry is human-centric and is centered on people-dealing. This requires a high level of dedication, sincerity, and talent. Adequate knowledge, skills, and expertise are desired by the staff to win over the clients so that the firm continues to grow and expand across boundaries.


Human Resource Management finds its increasing importance as it supports hospitality operators by attracting, training, motivating good people. In fact, in today’s highly competitive environment adopting Human Resource Management in one of the key factors to surge ahead. This is the reason why today most companies hire strategic planning consulting services.

Importance of HRM in hospitality Sector

The need for sound HRM in hospitality stems from two vital facts i.e., it is a customer-driven and quality-focused industry. The human element plays a pivotal part in the overall success of any organization, but especially so in a service industry such as the hotel business. Several members of the workforce (like waiters, waitresses, and receptionists) are in direct contact with the guests and hence are instrumental in achieving the objectives of the hotel. The quality of service offered is equally dependent on the attitudes of the staff as on their skills.

As a matter of fact, customer satisfaction is affected as much by the standard of food and beverage, accommodation and other facilities of the hotel as by the support, courtesy and personal qualities of the staff. Therefore, it’s the interplay of both -skills and the attitudes of the workers that help to meet the demands of customers satisfactorily. This places particular importance on human resource management.

Top Business Consulting Firms believe that the right HRM practices can hugely impact the company’s performance in a positive way. The five major practices that HRM encompasses include human resource planning, hiring and selection, training and development, performance management and effective communication

It is the responsibility of the HRM department to ensure the right people are allocated the right tasks at which they excel and focus on improving the skills of the existing staff. Emphasis is also laid on the development of proactive employees who can make the right decisions on the spot and meet the customer’s requirements in time.

Training and development programs are part of the HRM that helps in the enhancement of skills and abilities of the employees. These programs open the door for the enterprising and smart employees to move upward in their career path. Further, the presence of HRM makes it possible for the employees to get the right guidance and motivations essential to handle daily operations and related issues.

Strategic policies are implemented to motivate employees through rewards and appreciations. Employee morale affects turnover, the level of service the customers receive and, ultimately, the organization’s success. Engaging employees, providing the right opportunities and recognizing their contributions help boost retention and attract talented workers.

Good understanding of the people at work and their temperament is crucial for empowering teamwork. Adopting a holistic approach, HR management is entrusted to come up with policies and strategies that foster healthy management –employees’ relations. These aim at resolving issues that may crop up during the regular operations and facilitate smooth functioning that works in favor of the organization.

Every industry needs to induct changes in their processes and operations at some point of time or other in order to keep up with the changing business trends. This calls for the need for Change Management. Change management helps to bring in the desired transition or change by aligning the firm’s resources with the organizational goal. Top change management consulting firms deliver robust change management principles that ease organizational transitions and set the company on the growth trajectory.

From the above discussion, it is clear that human resource management including change management is the essential element in the hospitality sector. In order to achieve the set targets, business needs strategic planning and policies that can unify the efforts of the diverse departments of an organization towards achieving the common goal.

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