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Solutions to Curb Rising Attrition Rates

“A reduction in the number of employees through, resignation, retirement or death” is the definition of Attrition. Before going into depth of the solution, we need to understand the reason why this is rising. The main reasons behind rising attrition rates are:-

  • Lack of interest in the work they are doing
  • Monotony in work
  • No challenge
  • Not satisfied with the pay package
  • Family mobility
  • Lack of independence

The above mentioned reasons need to be taken care of to curb rising attrition rates. The work should be interesting so that the employee doesn’t get bored. Rather, an employee should work in a particular field only when he/she finds it interesting. It’s both employer’s as well as employees’ responsibility to make the work interesting.

Consumption of the same meal three times a day is not possible. In the same way, we cannot expect from anyone to repeat same work every day. Life becomes monotonous and interest disappears from work. To get ducks in a row, we need to change the work given to employees. New activities must be introduced to make workplace interesting. Those activities can include a trip once in three months, quizzes, games and many more other things can be done.

Few things to be considered by employers while hiring employees are:

  • Employ the right people. To curb the rising attrition rates, people who are productive and are likely to stay for long period must be hired.
  • Employee orientation must be focused. It plays a vital role in retaining employees.
  • Employers must also keep an eye on individual’s development. They should have proper career plans for employees with good perks and pay packages.
  • There should be a proper training program for every fresher in the company.
  • Employee recognition is very important. It makes employee feel needed in the company.
  • The company should try and find out the reason behind why employees are leaving companies. The method for this can be a survey from the employees who are leaving the company. By following this, we can come across the main reason behind employees leaving the company and then can work on those reasons.

Employers must have sharp eyes to identify passive employees. This comes with experience and time.


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