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HR Strategies to Create Happy Employees

“Don’t neglect the little things that can have a big impact”. This is the policy that must be followed by any organization. It’s a known fact that people get more happiness from little things and so attention should be given to the minutest of things.

According to a research from a well known and reputed Institute, happier workers help their colleagues 33% more often than unhappy employees. Happy employees also achieve their goals 31% more often, and are 36% more motivated in their work.

  • Attention to Employees’ Needs

Paying attention to employees’ needs is the most important thing an organization should follow. Keeping employees happy and taking care of how they feel must be the priority of any organization.

  • Encourage Employees

Another important strategy to create happy employees is to encourage employees to celebrate each other. In any company, there’s a community of human beings who share a bond through their work. They should be given an opportunity to thank each other for their work and support that emerges through associative etiquette.

  • Create Trust

The most important strategy that must be followed by anyone and everyone is to create a culture of trust within your organization. This means not only your workers’ trust in leadership, but also on one another. Trust is a two way process. It fosters happiness, commitment and productive team members. Maintaining an open, multilateral conversation within your organization, help employees to understand and contribute to the big picture.

  • Safe Workplace

Creating a safe workplace where workers can actually enjoy their work is an important component of employee retention and increased efficiency at work.

  • Giving Gifts

Giving thank you gifts is one of the best ways to keep employees happy. Everyone loves receiving gifts. It can be given as a token of appreciation to employees, which will encourage them to work more enthusiastically.

Money is not everything. Infact, as long as their salary is sufficient to fund their lifestyle and living, a salary rise is unlikely to have a lasting effect on employee’s determination. It’s the work itself, and the opportunity for personal development from all aspects that will have a real impact on how happy an employee is at work. If they can see how they are contributing to a team and feel rewarding of that contribution, then you will have one happy employee.

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