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HR Strategies to Boost Employee Morale

According to studies by experts, employee morale is directly tied to productivity. If employees are stressed and dissatisfied, the productivity levels plunge. Unhappy employees can be detrimental to your business.  Low morale may lead to poor cooperation and low productivity, which ultimately hinders a business from reaching its goals. On the contrary, happy employees mean more work done in a healthy, fruitful work environment. Here are few simple but meaningful actions that managers should consider for boosting employee morale:

  • Appreciate an Employee’s Work – An appreciation boosts the morale of an employee and lack of it leads to lower morale. Lack of appreciation makes employees think that they are being overlooked. This discourages them from putting forward their best efforts. Managers should appreciate when an employee does a good job. This will motivate them to do well every time.
  • Give Challenging yet Realistic Goals – It’s great to set ambitious goals, but they shouldn’t be so difficult that employees are destined to fail. A manager must understand their team’s capabilities and set goals accordingly. Setting up achievable milestones is important to keep employees on track and ensure progress.
  • Positive Demeanors – According to a research, 50-70% employees perceive their work environment based on behaviors and actions of their seniors. Employees usually sense negative demeanors of their managers. Managers must try to have a consistent, predictable, enthusiastic and positive demeanor towards all their employees.
  • Keep Promises – Managers should not make promises they can’t keep. Not maintaining promises is being dishonest with your employees. Employees appreciate managers who deliver on what they say. Employees should feel comfortable enough to voice their concerns, and they should be listened to without being punished or judged.
  • Mix up of the Office Routine – Office routine can get boring having an adverse effect on the productivity of an employee. Managers should come up with opportunities for informal coworker interactions. They are critical in boosting morale, especially when employees fall into a monotonous routine of the same tasks, meetings and mundane office interactions. Managers must try and keep employees engaged in a mix of new responsibilities and projects to avoid employees from getting bored and disinterested.
  • Know the Team as Individuals – Managers should take time to understand each member of the team as an individual. This will help them to understand each individual’s potential, capacity and also what motivates them. It also makes employees believe that managers understand them and genuinely care about them. Playing to each individual’s strengths will lead to positive output in less time. The employees will feel empowered, as they will be able to make contributions based on what they are good at.
  • Talk to them – Manager should also make time to talk with their employees. Talking is a key part of team motivation. Keeping a finger on the pulse of every part of the employees’ experience is an important task of a manager.

The above mentioned are a few general ways to boost employee morale. However, there are industry specific methods and strategies that will help your business create more value through your motivated workforce. To know more such effective strategies, please contact CerveauSys Strategic Consultants.

We are a team of highly competent HR and OD Consultants, with an exceptional track record in implementing strategies for boosting employee morale. We also design and develop for you Strategic HR Processes / Systems and Organizational Development Initiatives that improve your company’s performance and profitability. Please reach us to discuss your business opportunities, challenges and concerns.

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