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Building & Strengthening Workplace Relationships

Since we spend a majority of our working years talking and interacting with people from all walks of life, it is safe to say that having a good relationship with your fellow office peers and authorities is a determinant of how good or bad your experience has been with the company. Maintaining a respectable rapport with your workmates isn’t given much importance because it’s considered common sense. However, to make a team work like a well-oiled machine, one must acknowledge and take efforts to improve their relationships with the people around them.

Building relationships in the workplace isn’t a difficult task, but it requires dedicated practice. A strong team of employees won’t be of much value to a company if there are interpersonal issues among them. In the same way, a team that is slightly weak in terms of manpower still can be of good use if there is mutual trust, understanding, and respect. This is why a part of organizational development focuses on individual and group improvement.

Here are a few things you, as an individual, can do to build a rapport with your colleagues that would garner trust, respect, and understanding, which would subsequently create a healthy work atmosphere.

1.       Open up to people.  Sharing a fair amount of personal information is a sign of letting your guard down, thus making a person comfortable around you. Soon enough, you would be perceived as someone in whom one can confide. That builds trust.

2.       Try not to indulge in pointless gossip. Office gossip is a very common practice in every organization; it only takes one little statement to make it full-fledged office politics. In order to gain trust and be someone everyone can look to when they’re in a dilemma, try not to indulge in office gossip, especially if someone is being bad-mouthed. One does get sucked into these situations without warning sometimes; if so, try and say positive things about everyone.

3.       Initiate conversation. It’s difficult to be the first one to initiate conversation with a stranger, especially if you’re an introvert. However, the idea of being approachable lies in the fact that you took the first step when the other was hesitant to. It shows confidence and kindness, and it helps in the long run.

4.       Follow up with them regularly. The interaction doesn’t stop at the first meeting. Chat with them when you see them around. Ask about their weekend. Ask for their help; help them out when they’re in need. When you maintain your presence during their work day, they will start warming up to you.

5.       Appreciate your peers’ good work. Workplaces are usually divided on the basis of either specializations or projects, and it is during this time that your potential as a team member is scrutinized. It’s true that not all people can get along with each other all the time. But this is how you gain trust- by making little compromises while working together. Always remember what every peer is doing, and when asked by the authority, never tattle or say anything negative. Always bring their positives to light. Some peer’s behavior might infuriate you; in that case, keeping mum is better than talking negatively.

The key to cultivating good workplace relationships is to build trust, and work with utmost positivity. The rest usually follows.

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