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The Right HR Department Adds Value

Human Resource is considered to be the one of the most expensive departments to be incorporated in an organization. HR professionals are well acquainted with the value that HR can add. However, sometimes high-level executives still may not be aware of the same. There still exist misconceptions that HR does only paper work, and implement rules and regulations that hamper work flow. Whereas, the truth is that the role of HR is important for any organization. Their primary functions are:

  • Leadership skills
  • Improve management
  • Succession planning
  • Finding and retaining top talent
  • Diversity communication
  • Analysis and forecasting

According to studies, most CEOs are disinterested in the HR department, whose primary focus is on day-to-day administration. Rather, they are more interested in how HR supports the team to move strategic organizational goals forward. It is the duty of HR leader to add value, while getting the administrative functions done simultaneously. Organizations expect that the HR leader must be strategic and innovative. HR must focus on issues that will drive strategic initiatives for the organization.

HR is largely responsible for building and managing systems that recruit, attract, hire, train, motivate and retain a company’s best employees. It also includes establishing strong interviewing and screening processes, planning orientation, training, and developing employee evaluation tools. A primary way HR adds value to a company is by promoting and persuading company leaders to train and develop employees, and reward strong performance.

Right HR also adds value to a business through legal protection from discrimination and wrongful termination lawsuits, benefiting the organization. HR professionals are continually up to speed on employee laws, and also educate company executives and managers. They also design hiring and promotional systems that promote fairness and equality. It is a well known fact that proactive HR strategies have overtaken reactive responses to employee conditions. Because of this, HR professionals play a vital role in planning and executing. HR professionals contribute to the overview of current and future need of resources, discussion of compensation, changes in training and research on materializing possibilities and hazards.

Although, organizations widely recognize the need of attracting, managing and developing people, HR professionals today are striving to do much more. They must enable their organization to build global HR networks to expand and prosper in the international arena. They must also develop human resources that continually build competitive advantage in the ever-changing business environment. They must add value to the organization’s distinctive competencies thereby establishing the unique position of organization in the business sphere.

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