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What is the role of strategy consulting firms

A strategy consultant is a highly skilled and seasoned ‘management pundit’ who can advise on the strategic measures and provide a direction for an organization to grow. Companies seek a consultant so as to receive an expert guidance on matters which require exceptional prowess in a particular area. These consultants generally come with a vast industry experience in various sectors which enables them to provide accurate measures without wasting time doing trial & error. A consultant can be thus likened to a modern-day sage who has accumulated a lot of knowledge and expertise through his experience, to help those who seek guidance, albeit, in return of a gurudakshina!  Having made that lofty comparison, let us see what role a strategy consulting firm plays in the development of a company.

Encourages decision making

Encourages decision making

Business consultants help design a customized framework for making effective decisions. A framework defines a way of thinking to streamline the process of decision-making. Strategic consultants achieve this by actively participating in the company’s management team meetings to establish the requirements of the consultancy project, prepare a proposal, and carry out research, analysis, and assessment of growth scenarios and options. A consultant’s unbiased perspective and the detailed documented counsel helps management to make more intelligent decisions.



Strategy consultants are required to help companies identify their capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses as an argument to establish a way forward. It is important for a company to thoroughly understand what they do and stand for before they expect the world to know them. Consultants scrutinize the company’s employees and their skills as also the customers. This is done in order to acquire an understanding of the company’s current capabilities.

Suggesting alternatives to boost business

Many times, there’s a huge disparity between a company’s current capabilities vs the market opportunities. A consultant may come up with a range of solutions and ideas to bridge this gap. The options could involve taking measures like expanding the company’s geographical territories, venturing into a new sector or adding new products to the list. Every option comes with a risk factor and a probable profit. A consultant has to gauge the risk and come up with quantifiable data supporting the claims of a good option. A consultant works much like a doctor and follows a similar protocol. They briefly perform the below functions

  • Identify the underlying issue
  • Research the possible ways out of the problem
  • Provide a quantifiable comparison between all the solutions
  • Help identify the best one for the company

There are thousands of business consulting firms that provide strategic consulting services, yet the number of firms that have a global reach and reputation is limited to numbered few. Cerveausys is a strategy and business consultant in Pune, which provides a high level of analytical skills and works in a tight time span.

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