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Organization Structuring and Manpower Planning

I as an HR and OD Consultant believe that organization structuring is important for decision making process. To run an organization effectively and successfully, the structuring of the organization and manpower planning play a vital role. Organizations should follow a hierarchal structure to reach business goals. The hierarchal division in an organization ensures the smooth functioning and monitoring of work at each level. The number of people working in an organization should be inversely proportional to the tasks at hand, so that manpower and structuring is not wasted.

I think that with the help of a well-drafted hierarchy of workforce, it becomes easy to effectively evaluate the strategies of the company, the actions that is to be taken in order to reach the success ladder or business goals, and to divide the organizational functions among the workforce emphatically. Most HR and OD Consultants suggest that there should be good coordination between all the levels of the management to be a successful organization.

According to me, organization structuring and manpower planning are two wheels of a vehicle which works together. Manpower planning is also known as Human Resource Planning, which consists of employing right number of people at the right place, at right time and at the right work for the completion of goals of the company. Manpower planning is important for the various following reasons:-

  • Higher Productivity: When the resources present are utilized at their best, it results in an increase of productivity. It is only possible when time, money, efforts and energies are stored instead of being wasted.
  • Motivation: It is important for an employee to get motivated at their workplace. It plays a vital role in employee retention. Few motivational plans can be introduced like performance incentives, which encourage an employee to work more enthusiastically.
  • Key to Managerial Functions: I follow the four managerial functions of planning, organising, directing and controlling. I suggest other organizations to follow the same. Manpower planning helps in the implementation of all these managerial functions.
  • Better Human Relations: Any and every problem can be solved if human relations are developed and maintained. And the key to better human relations is manpower planning.
  • Efficient Management: It is important to learn the skills of efficient management. Large scale enterprises need management of large scale manpower. It can be done by employing the correct manpower at correct work.

I suggest every organization to follow these important points as they play a vital role in taking the company to new heights of success. All the above mentioned points come from my experience as an HR and OD Consultant.

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