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Is your workplace training effective?

“Is your workplace training effective” is a question which is not asked often but it is an important question that needs to be answered. Organization and its employees are often seen to be performing at suboptimal levels. The senior management considers ‘training’ to be an effective tool for solving most of the performance problems. But is it true? Let’s discuss how we can ensure effectiveness of our training and development process.

Before we even consider training as a solution a detailed performance analysis must be conducted to determine if the “problem” can be solved with training. Training is not the panacea for all organizational performance problems. Training will help only when the reason of lack of performance or suboptimal performance is lack of skills, knowledge or behaviors. Along with other organizational reasons for non-performance, the reliable source to ascertain need of training is understanding the precise ‘performance gap’. Training must be developed to eliminate the ‘performance gap’ in the organization. It is essential to align and focus the training on reducing or removing the performance gap. Performing the Training Need Analysis (TNI) ensures building a performance-based and result oriented training process specifically targeted at your learners, their specific training needs and integrated with your unique organizational contexts.

To make the training effective it is very important that all the stakeholders in training activity (top management, reporting managers, employees and trainers) understand the business results the training programs should generate. In the sense, all stakeholders must know exactly how this training is creating an impact on profitability and sustainability of business. Having a strong business rationale to your organization’s training and development programs not only helps in obtaining the critical budgetary approvals for these programs but also enhance motivation of learners because they can see a clear connect between their business deliverables and their training program objectives.

There are also times when training doesn’t work out and you end up wasting precious time, money and energy. In such situations, we need to sit and analyze the prospective reasons behind the failure of the training exercise, and work out a plan to eradicate those reasons. During such stage, it is important to critically evaluate the entire training and development process followed in the organization. Training Process analysis is important because it reveals what methods/ approaches and ideas are working out well in training our employees and where exactly we need to improve. With Training Process Analysis we can effectively identify process gaps if any and correct those to ensure effectiveness of training and development activities.

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