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Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

I love my profession. Not just because it allows me to put my expertise and passion to bring revolutionary changes in client organizations. But, I feel the more rewarding aspect of my profession is that it allows me to meet diverse human beings, across different fields, working at varied professional levels. These people teach me so much about human behavior. During my interaction with employees of client organizations I have learned that although they exhibit diverse professional tendencies, the inner core of an ’employee’ remains same. Ultimately, it all boils down to one simple rule ‘you receive what you give’!

Ensuring Maximum Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

Employees are wheels of any organization, without which it wouldn’t function. You have to periodically clean them, oil them and at times replace them to make sure your vehicle continues to run smooth and fast. Similarly, at an organizational level one has to ensure employees’ well being in order to garner maximum employee engagement. An organization’s growth plans can bear fruits only when the employees and other stakeholders support them wholeheartedly. In other words, an employee can connect with the organization’s mission, vision only when he sees growth prospect for his own profile. Maximum engagement from employees often ensures that the organization will be able to execute its growth plans without major hitches.

Employee retention, engagement and satisfaction become all the more challenging when you deploy a talented, skilled workforce. Such workforce is specially trained and contributes to an organization’s success in a big way. Naturally, any organization would be in jeopardy if they were to face attrition from such talented workforce. I came across one such organization that valued its talented workforce, hence wanted to ensure maximum engagement and satisfaction. We studied their business vision, mission and analyzed the key factors responsible for employee engagement. We implemented strategic tools to gauge existing employee engagement level. Discussions, workshops were undertaken to communicate the strategic intent of the organization. Certain HR processes that were negatively impacting employee engagement were identified for revamp. The entire exercise sent a very positive message amongst the employees that the organization cared for them and was willing to take steps to ensure their well being.

This brings us to the discussion of finding the triggers for employee engagement. HR & OD Consultants have identified certain key factors that can impact the overall engagement and motivation. These include:

  • Remuneration
  • Job Security
  • Opportunities to Implement Skills
  • Communication with Coworkers, Senior Management
  • Relation with Immediate Reporting Authority
  • Growth Prospects
  • Corporate Culture

The above key factors have been identified and are applicable for diverse industries across the globe. If the organizations amend their HR policies to suit employee well being, then they may succeed in implementing strategic initiatives with fewer challenges. Implementing employee engagement and retention initiatives can avoid the bigger hassle of recruiting and training fresh workforce.

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