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Building your HR Function

“Great vision without great HR function is irrelevant.”

This statement signifies the importance of building your HR function. The main role of Human Resource is to support an organization’s success. Conventionally, HR’s purpose was to focus on determining the work done by employees and to screen out the “undesirables” during the hiring process. Nevertheless, times are changing. Over the past decade, HR has started to flux out of this cookie-cutter role. Today, there are major discrepancies in the tasks they handle. Some HR departments still execute standard roles, while many are responsible for a multiplicity of business functions. Before building your HR function, you must decide what tasks you want to hold HR liable for, and most importantly, what you want out of your probable HR professionals.

HR must use the concept of the equitable scorecard to strengthen utility and alignment of human capital management to the leadership group. Unfortunately, there is no “correct way” to build your HR function; it must be suitable within the culture and structure of your organization. HR must build the right team for the organization. This will entitle your HR leader to shine as an analytic and dynamic executive. Hire the best and brightest that will support your programs and will be an asset for the organization. You can achieve this in smaller firms by relying on the representatives to support your managerial needs. Whatever HR function you select, build a team around you who positions organizational goals and culture first.

Without the assistance of your leadership team, HR will be up a creek without the proverbial paddle. They will struggle to be seen in a more perceptible and deliberate role. As a leader, one must make connections, and align with all departments within the organization to get aid for human resources. It may be the liability of the HR department to get the management team to get into the concept of attracting human resources as a partner. This will need strategy and planning executed with finesse. But once this level of alignment is achieved, HR will have a career that brings all the challenge and gratification they need and deserve. While integrating a team, one must follow a few points such as:

  • Be clear why you need an HR department
  • Prepare your managers
  • Provide support
  • Set high expectations
  • Be inclusive

There are many things that must be taken into deliberation while building your HR function. If you do it correctly, your HR team will function more efficiently and effectively. Ultimately, looking for qualified individuals who are encouraged to learn the business and help employees succeed will prove to be a critical factor for determining whether your HR function sinks or swims.

The above mentioned are just a few ways to build a result driven HR function in your organization. To get deep insight on the subject matter, please get in touch with us. We are professional team of highly qualified and experienced HR and OD consultants. We will provide your business with the right solutions and would help you get maximum ROI on your HR function. Please get in touch with us to discuss your business opportunities, challenges and concerns.

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