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Accelerate Company Growth with Strategic Planning

Be it in any organization, there are certain requisites that are required to take the company ahead towards more and more success. Among the many essential factors that most companies lack, the most common are leadership development and a good strategic planning facilitator. This is where Cerveausys comes into the picture. The company is known for its prompt business strategy consulting services, as well as has helped several organizations improve their strategic performance with the help of its facilitators.


So who exactly is a strategic facilitator? Is it really important to have strategic planning facilitation? Are all these questions bothering you? Don’t stress out, as you will find the answers to these questions in this post. Read on to know more:

Let us begin with the first question.

Who exactly is a Strategic Facilitator?

As the name suggests, a strategic facilitator is a person, who helps drive the growth of the organization by helping it to work through the process of planning and execution.

Why is it important to have a proper strategic planning facilitation?

Coming to the frequently asked question- why do you need a strategic planning facilitator in a company? The following reasons will help you understand:

1. Experience & Knowledge: Most commonly, they are experienced people, who have worked with a lot of clients and offered their expert business strategy consulting services. This experience helps them identify a business opportunity by joining the dots in real time.

2. Reduced Risk: This is yet another crucial reason that makes them important for an organization. The risk associated with the wastage of time is eliminated, when you hire an experienced strategic facilitator.

3. Team Players & Innovative Thinkers: They work closely with the different teams and people in an organization and come up with novel and innovative suggestions, which are potential growth drivers.

4. Allows You to Concentrate on Other Important Things: Most tasks in the planning stage, such as organizing multimedia, whiteboard, discussing templates, and coordinating materials are taken care of by these facilitators. This allows you to focus on the other more important things.

5. Objective and Fresh Perspective- The strategic facilitator is not part of your organizational system hence can present an unbiased, frank, objective, logical and fresh perspective/view towards issues impacting your business growth.

What Are the Things to Consider Before Hiring a Strategic Facilitator?

To select and engage a consulting firm as your strategic facilitator, it will help you carefully analyze the following factors.

  1. The overall combined professional experience of the firm.
  2. Professional credentials of the key facilitators and their expertise.
  3. Nature, industry types and size of consulting projects handled.
  4. Testimonials and references from past clients for results and reliability.
  5. Ensuring clarity of project purpose, deliverables and timeline expectations.

Team CerveauSys Strategic has enriching experience of successfully facilitating high impact Strategic Planning and Change Management projects. We are your best partners to drive organizational growth and profitability. Call us at +91-7709992257 or email us at to know more.

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