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PESTLE Analysis for Business Framework

Identifying 'Big Picture' opportunities and threats in your business environment. Apart from a company’s internal resources and peripheral factors, there are several other macro-environmental factors that can have a profound impact on the performance of a company. Analyzing the entire external marketing environment of a business is an extensive task. Although, it is a complex process, understanding the fram ...

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Strategies to Improve Your Business

Many businesses become stagnant after a certain period. Post the initial phase of success, there comes a period where there are no upward spikes in your business graph. Successful businesses are constantly improving and innovating their products and services. Customers are always on the lookout for something better. Competition is rife and the current markets are volatile. Only the best and the dynamic busi ...

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Business Strategy Consulting Services

Strategic planning when conducted through a scientific process creates a foundation for profitable and sustained growth of organization. Our Business strategy consulting services help you to define the core purpose of your business and establish internal consensus and commitment for the future you wish to create for your organization and society at large. CerveauSys Strategic Consulting Pvt Ltd with its pre ...

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HR Strategies to Create Happy Employees

“Don’t neglect the little things that can have a big impact”. This is the policy that must be followed by any organization. It’s a known fact that people get more happiness from little things and so attention should be given to the minutest of things. According to a research from a well known and reputed Institute, happier workers help their colleagues 33% more often than unhappy employees. Happy employees ...

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Setting SMART Goals for Your Organization

An organization without goal is like a ship without rudder. Goals give a direction to an organization's activities. It makes a business to be performance centric and prevents it from deviating from its path of success. Achieving goals gives a sense of satisfaction to the employees and stakeholders and motivates them to perform better in future. Thus, setting goals and devising ways to achieve them is critic ...

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