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Key Steps for Effective Organizational Change Management

Gone are the days when big changes were seldom made in organizations. Today the organizations are required to adapt and evolve seamlessly with the changing scenarios. Facing more complex, more interdependent and more cross-functional change than ever before, the companies need to deliver results on each stage of change. To thrive in the changing landscape and attain the set objective, organizational change ...

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What is the Role of Management Consultant?

A management consultant is basically a problem solver for complex businesses processes and organizational structures. They offer strategic solutions that improve the overall performance and operation of an organization. Companies hire management consultants for their industry insights, analytical abilities, and problem-solving abilities. Even the big and established brands go ahead with hiring business cons ...

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4 Key Steps to Strategic Human Resources Planning !

Strategic human resource planning forms the very foundation of the organization’s working system that aims at aligning human resources with the company’s goals. It is the continuous process of systematic planning that facilitates optimum use of an organization's most valuable asset- qualified employees. Human resource planning process undeniably ensures the best fit between employees and jobs while keeping ...

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Top 4 Challenges for Management Consulting Firms in 2019

According to the data published by the Hindustan Times, management consulting segment contributes approximately $1.5 billion to the overall revenue of the business consulting industry. Today this sector is facing a host of business challenges that needs them to adapt to the changing scenario. The forces contributing to the issues confronted by the management consulting firms include digital transformation, ...

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Role and Importance of Coherent Performance Management System

If you are a manager you profoundly understand the importance of a high performing team. When a team accomplishes the project goals you earn accolades and when your employees fail to meet the set target, you are disparaged. Today most business firms are striving to develop a more strategic talent management system that can yield best business returns. Performance management is one of the solutions that is b ...

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5 Keys for Successful Compensation Plan !

Every investment in a business needs to be done judiciously to ensure maximum returns. Paying salary to employees forms an integral part of the company’s total budget hence, it's crucial to frame a well-structured compensation plan that fairly meets all the vital criteria.  You can always take the help of a renowned HR consulting company to get the best of your compensation plan. CerveauSys is one of the le ...

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Identifying and Retaining High Potential Employees for Defined Business Growth!

High performing employees are an integral part of a company. According to the CEB reports the high potential employees(HIPOs) contribute 91% more towards achieving the company’s goals than others.  They are the business assets that every organization desires to retain for meeting their long-term growth plans. However, identifying, nurturing and retaining high potential employees is a challenging task that m ...

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5 Tips To Handle An Organizational Restructure Like A Boss!

Most people who hold a desk job in a corporate company tend to believe that strategic human resource planning is a piece of cake, but every hr manager in the world would beg to differ and rightly so. It is not at all easy to manage the manpower of an organization and take care of all the other aspects of business like strategic goal setting and achievement, internal & external communications, etc. One o ...

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Balanced Scorecard: Your Golden Ticket To Continued Organizational Success !

The corporate world has observed a major shift in the past few years; earlier it was all about investing money, getting clients and waiting for the business to flourish. Over the years, business owners have come up with innovative concepts and methodologies that help them in achieving the best for their respective brands. Furthermore, professional od consultants, management consultants, and the likes are al ...

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Unleash And Identify The Untapped High Potential With Psychometric Analysis!

There is no denying the fact that an organization's success largely depends upon its human resource management. An employee’s potential, aptitude, capability, and efficiency play an integral role in taking the company on the path of growth. In recent years Psychometric tests have been gaining ground in the industry for their ability to identify right human talent and to enhance their capacity further. Formi ...

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