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About Me

I am Soniya Yadwadkar (Ph.D) Founder and M.D. of CerveauSys Strategic Consulting Pvt. Ltd., a creative management consulting firm. I am a diehard patriotic person who believes in creating wealth for my nation and humanity at large by unlocking potential of organizations and its people.

We all wish for better life however prosperity of organization and its nation is not achieved by just dreaming about it or complaining about what we don’t have. Well-being and prosperity of society is created by people who dare to transform their ideas in to product/services and opportunities that make life better. Many aspiring entrepreneurs and their organizations are gearing up today to reach their potential and achieve their growth vision.

During my corporate career of over 23 years, I have been fortunate to be contributing as senior corporate member and learning from growth stories of these organizations. I worked with companies during different phases and learned from different growth dynamics at various stages like start up-greenfield, scale-up, global expansion, acquisitions, post-acquisition integration, consolidation /restructuring etc. From my experience I have learned that organizations have exponential growth potential waiting to be unlocked. A scientifically defined, credible and actionable business strategy, professional business processes/systems and progressive people management are the key ingredients for long term and sustained business growth.

My passion lies in partnering with business leaders for enhancing strategic focus, people performance and motivation in their organization to achieve superior business outcome. I work with a business solution and growth centric approach by analysing strategically critical business challenges of organizations and provide help in implementing strategic initiatives to meet those.

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