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Importance of Strategic Human Resources Management in Hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is one of the sectors that are very diverse and hence, relies on multitudes of talents and skillsets. Ranging from hotels & restaurants to clubs & tourism-related jobs, this sector requires meticulous human resource planning and management. The companies need a highly effective and strategic human resource management department that can synergize the activities of the business to attain the organization’s bottom line. ...

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Major Obstacles to Change Management and Ways to Overcome them

In order to survive and grow in a highly competitive market, organizations need to adopt changes and embrace transitions in their business setups. Change isn't easy. The transition process is obstructed by several barriers and challenges. However, it’s those firms that overcome these hurdles, finally make their mark in their respective industries. In fact, the ability to successfully implement changes is one of the biggest factors that differentiate a flourishing and innovative firm from a simply sustaining one. ...

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