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Elements of a Strategic Plan

By definition, a strategic plan is developed by the CEO’s and rest of a Company’s top management. But the irony of the fact is that the heads who are meant to be doing this are the ones who are usually caught up dousing the fires of everyday operations. As such, they are unable to allot time to invest for this very important and necessary document that charts the future path of the Company. This document he ...

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You have Missed the Bus to Success, if you don’t have a Credible Business Strategy!

Let’s start with an example that each of us can relate to easily. In life, we always aim to keep moving forward. When a kid starts school, it is with the objective of passing out ten years later with flying colors. Similarly, when we start our career, it is with the objective of climbing the corporate ladder till we reach the top. That is our objective. Now, how we reach there, what we do to reach there, wh ...

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