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Team Work – Why is it so important?

It is proven through hundreds of research projects, that if we collaborate and pull together our individual strengths we can deliver great product/service consistently and efficiently. "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships." --Michael Jordan. Each of us brings our special talents, technical/functional expertise and unique style of managing our task at our workplaces. Many of t ...

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Management Role in Encouraging Leadership Skills

An employee is as good or bad as his manager. A manager is as much responsible for an employee's performance as the employee himself. Great managerial skills go beyond mere assigning of duties and supervising them. In fact, manager has a far bigger role to play than these activities. A manager is responsible for employee motivation, retention and extracting the desired performance from him. However, a good ...

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Sinkholes/Doline in Your Strategy

Strategy is the backbone of any organization. It can be compared with a ship's rudder. One can imagine the state of the ship that tries to sail without a rudder. Similarly, it is impossible for an organization to keep functioning effectively without a proper strategy in place. Oftentimes, top officials of organizations confuse strategy with mission, vision or even goals of an organization. One must understa ...

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