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Women on Board – Why Hiring Women at Crucial Positions Will Benefit Your Company

Workplaces and work cultures have developed immensely over time, but there still remains to be one problem – there are lesser women in the workforce than men. The reasons for this inequality in the professional fields are many, but the most significant one that applies to the Indian context is the societal pressure for women to get married and create a healthy domestic life. While men are under pressure to ...

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Retention of Top Level Employees in Your Organization

In a recovering economy that is building itself around the dynamic change in the business scenario, retention of valuable employees is a hard task. Talent might be easy to find owing to a large young workforce, but retaining them in your company is the real challenge. Losing a valued employee not only hampers the productivity of the company, but also adds up to be a financial loss. It is one’s duty as a lea ...

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Effectively Diagnosing the Root Cause of Organizational Performance Issues

Quite often during my consulting work I have come across business leaders who have expressed that they feel a sense of discomfort with the way their organization is operating. There are oft quoted symptoms such as: Lack of team spirit, initiative and ability of challenging the status-quo in employees Departments fighting, working in silos and getting into blame game Managers giving target commitments and en ...

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