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Strategies to Improve Your Business

Many businesses become stagnant after a certain period. Post the initial phase of success, there comes a period where there are no upward spikes in your business graph. Successful businesses are constantly improving and innovating their products and services. Customers are always on the lookout for something better. Competition is rife and the current markets are volatile. Only the best and the dynamic busi ...

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The Right HR Department Adds Value

Human Resource is considered to be the one of the most expensive departments to be incorporated in an organization. HR professionals are well acquainted with the value that HR can add. However, sometimes high-level executives still may not be aware of the same. There still exist misconceptions that HR does only paper work, and implement rules and regulations that hamper work flow. Whereas, the truth is that ...

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Developing an Effective Retention Policy

For most organizations, investment in employee development is considered to be a strategic imperative. However, like any other investment, it is not risk-free. So, how can one assuage the risk without taking the short-sighted perspective of looking at people as commodities? You can develop your employees in a number of ways internally and externally by providing training, coaching, 360-degree feedback, job ...

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