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Organizational Restructuring

Every organization’s success is dependent on its structure. From time to time, these structures need to be revaluated and sometimes, restructured, to keep up the smooth functioning of the organization. HR and OD Consultant helps you in identifying and understanding the requirements of organizational restructuring. It is a necessity for the organization’s leader to restructure. There needs to be careful and ...

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Solutions to Curb Rising Attrition Rates

“A reduction in the number of employees through, resignation, retirement or death” is the definition of Attrition. Before going into depth of the solution, we need to understand the reason why this is rising. The main reasons behind rising attrition rates are:- Lack of interest in the work they are doing Monotony in work No challenge Not satisfied with the pay package Family mobility Lack of independence Th ...

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HR Strategies to Create Happy Employees

“Don’t neglect the little things that can have a big impact”. This is the policy that must be followed by any organization. It’s a known fact that people get more happiness from little things and so attention should be given to the minutest of things. According to a research from a well known and reputed Institute, happier workers help their colleagues 33% more often than unhappy employees. Happy employees ...

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