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Stages of Organizational Life Cycle

Watching the growth of an organization is just like watching a baby grow up. From the time when the baby is born, it undergoes different phases of development. There are certain milestones that a baby must achieve at every stage. Eventually, the baby attains all the milestones and enters the adult phase. The same analogy applies to organizations. Just like some babies achieve certain milestones faster than ...

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Lean In – Sheryl Sandberg

"Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg is one of the best books I read on the topics that are dear to any working woman's heart. The book talks about the internal and external obstacles working women face on their path towards success. The author brings in light the necessity to identify, acknowledge and mitigate the issues that impede a woman's chances of working and leading, in spite of the best talents they have. I ...

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Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

I love my profession. Not just because it allows me to put my expertise and passion to bring revolutionary changes in client organizations. But, I feel the more rewarding aspect of my profession is that it allows me to meet diverse human beings, across different fields, working at varied professional levels. These people teach me so much about human behavior. During my interaction with employees of client o ...

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Organizational Transformation and Post Acquisition HR Integration

Acquisitions and mergers often spell organizational transformations of great magnitude. There are drastic and impactful changes in the management processes, operations, HR policies and most importantly 'people'. The last factor is most important, yet most ignored one. Often, organizations only focus on altering organizational strategies, processes and policies. What no one takes into account is the emotiona ...

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