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Set your Organizational Goals/Objectives

For an organization to flourish, it is important to have goals. Goals give an organization a purpose and direction to work towards. It keeps the organization moving ahead, evolving and reaching for more. Ideally speaking, organizational goals direct the efforts of every employee. Here are some ways you can ensure your organizational goals are effective: Make Organizational Goals Concrete and Measurable: It’ ...

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Effectively Reduce Attrition Rate

The biggest challenge faced by organizations and their human resource departments is to effectively reduce attrition rate. Corporate India is struggling to retain talent for longer periods of time. Attrition is rife in all major industries and HR departments are trying their best to unravel the reasons behind. High attrition rates disrupt the functioning of an organization and impacts quality of products an ...

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Organization Structuring and Manpower Planning

I as an HR and OD Consultant believe that organization structuring is important for decision making process. To run an organization effectively and successfully, the structuring of the organization and manpower planning play a vital role. Organizations should follow a hierarchal structure to reach business goals. The hierarchal division in an organization ensures the smooth functioning and monitoring of wor ...

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Organizational Restructuring

Every organization’s success is dependent on its structure. From time to time, these structures need to be revaluated and sometimes, restructured, to keep up the smooth functioning of the organization. HR and OD Consultant helps you in identifying and understanding the requirements of organizational restructuring. It is a necessity for the organization’s leader to restructure. There needs to be careful and ...

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Stages of Organizational Life Cycle

Watching the growth of an organization is just like watching a baby grow up. From the time when the baby is born, it undergoes different phases of development. There are certain milestones that a baby must achieve at every stage. Eventually, the baby attains all the milestones and enters the adult phase. The same analogy applies to organizations. Just like some babies achieve certain milestones faster than ...

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